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How Do I Become A Medical Marijuana Patient?

So you want to become a medical marijuana patient, Congratulations on making this first step!

we've put together a step by step process to make it easy as possible for our future patients, as well as some helpful resources, if you have any question!

Helpful Resources

1. Getting Started

To become a medical marijuana patient in MA you first must meet 3 requirements before beginning the application process.

  • You must be 18 y/o or have an Adult Caregiver.

  • Be a legal resident of MA with proof of residency.

Visit Your Doctor

In order to be a valid medical patient in MA, you must first be certified by a qualified health care provider. Make an appointment to consult with your primary care provider & see if the Medical Marijuana Program is right for you!

??Once approved your healthcare provider will give you a Pin Number/set of instructions to complete your registration with the state of MA 

Click to Make an Appointment

Register Online

After you've been certified by a qualified healthcare provider you need to register online in the Medical Use of Marijuana Program Online System.

To do so, you must gather:

Your PIN number, given to you by your doctor

Current, acceptable form of identification (ID)

Current, accepted photograph of yourself

If you cannot register online, you may do so with a paper application. This is a lengthier process, which you can start by calling (833) 869-6820.

Selecting a Caregiver

If you'd like,  you can select as many as 2 caregivers to help you with your medical marijuana use. You can register your caregiver through your CCC registration portal!

Always Carry Your Card

Now that you have obtained your Medical Marijuana Card, please be sure to carry it on you at all times! You will not be allowed to enter a medical establishment with out both your medical card & proper identification! 

Make sure you let budtenders know that you are a new patient & inquiry about their any new patient discounts/promotions going on!

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