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and vision
for better


Establish a new standard of excellence in product development for the benefit of our patients and partners.


Grow to be the most trusted and deeply principled cannabis company in the world.

Living our values in all we do


    Drives us to imagine boundless possibilities

  • Trust

    Gives our patients and partners the confidence to rely on us

  • Compassion

    Guides us to act with empathy, kindness and humanity

  • Individualism

    Proves the strength and impact that builds from our differences

  • Integrity

    Propels us to do what’s right above all

Setting a new standard

The key to providing the best cannabis experience possible is growing cannabis in the best environment possible. Our state-of-the-art facility was designed and built to provide an optimal growing environment.

Temperature and humidity vary less than 10 degrees all day, every day
Our plants are fed in small bursts throughout the day, rather than in one or two large meals
We have a pesticide free environment
We only hand trim our flower

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