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Establish a new standard of excellence in product development for the benefit of our patients and partners.


Grow to be the most trusted and deeply principled cannabis company in the world.

Our Leadership

Jeff Barton


Jeff Barton

Jeff has over 30 years of strategic operations in technology, agriculture, cannabis cultivation, and dispensary management. He has been in Senior Management positions with such firms as IBM and NPD, a predictive data analytics organization driven to increase marketing capabilities for companies. After spending the beginning of his career in the high technology industry, Jeff co-founded American Hydroponics (DBA Water Fresh Farm) in 1997 to hydroponically grow and market pesticide-free produce to the Greater Boston area.

Mike DeAngelis, MSA

Chief Financial Officer

Mike DeAngelis, MSA

Mike brings over 15 years of financial management experience to Bountiful Farms. As a Principal of an accounting firm, Mike provided CFO and controllership services to clients in a broad range of industries including manufacturing, technology, professional services, real estate, and nonprofit organizations. He served as a trusted advisor and strategic partner to his clients while providing accounting, strategic planning, forecasting, budgeting, process management, financial statement preparation, taxation, and compliance services.

Zachary Taylor

General Manager of Cultivation

Zachary Taylor

Zach is our "Plant Whisperer." His career began over a decade ago as one of the first 18-year olds to receive a medical marijuana caregiver license within the regulatory framework of the medical cannabis industry in Colorado. It’s here that he learned how best to care for patients by understanding their unique needs, providing the cannabis strains, and method of use that best addressed those needs. Additionally, Zach managed cultivation facilities for two of the largest producers in the State of Colorado. This experience provided him with a keen understanding of the specific horticultural and compliance demands the cannabis industry faces. Zach has been awarded 22 High Times Cannabis Cup Awards.

Kevin Mahoney

Director of Security

Kevin Mahoney

Kevin has an impressive career, starting with being a ten-year Naval Special Warfare veteran. He earned his Bachelor's degree at Norwich University in Criminal Justice and continued with two Master's Degrees; one in Homeland Security from George Washington University and one in Kinesiology from Louisiana State University. Kevin developed a state-of-the-art set of Standard Operating Procedures in Safety and Security for both our cultivation and dispensary facilities.

Living our values in all we do


    Drives us to imagine boundless possibilities

  • Trust

    Gives our patients and partners the confidence to rely on us

  • Compassion

    Guides us to act with empathy, kindness and humanity

  • Individualism

    Proves the strength and impact that builds from our differences

  • Integrity

    Propels us to do what’s right above all

Setting a new standard

The key to providing the best cannabis experience possible is growing cannabis in the best environment possible. Our state-of-the-art facility was designed and built to provide an optimal growing environment.

Temperature and humidity vary less than 10 degrees all day, every day
Our plants are fed in small bursts throughout the day, rather than in one or two large meals
We have a pesticide free environment
We only hand trim our flower